Chocolate Baroque Candelabra by Pedro Hernández Carlos

Pedro Carlos Hernández

Old world meets new with this spectacular chocolate candelabra by Pedro Hernández Carlos. The rounded globes supporting each candlestick-holder hint at the folkloric "piñas," or pineapples that are the most characteristic expression of this style of pottery, while the S-shaped supports and tiny bows evoke the decorative exuberance of the Spanish Baroque. The result is a gorgeous home decor accessory with deep historical roots. Rest assured, you will not find this item in your local department store anytime soon.

Pedro Hernández Carlos is an artist of international reknown and has won numerous prizes for his beautiful, sculpted pottery. Authentic pieces in the "piña" tradition are produced exclusively in two small villages in the state of Michoacán, MX. Hernández Carlos typically produces a very limited number of each of his designs. This candelabra—and a companion piece that will also be on offer in our shop—were produced on commission especially for Artisans of Mexico.

This candelabra measures just over 15" in height by approximately 10" at its widest point. It weighs just under 5 lbs. This object was finished with a lead-free glaze. However, since it was produced in a studio where lead is also commonly used, cross-contamination with trace amounts of lead is possible.