Burnished Pottery Large Decorative "Jarra" by Studio Pajarito

Studio Pajarito

This large 17" decorative "jarra," or pitcher, comes from the studio of Nicasio Pajarito and was produced by his son José Pajarito, who in recent years has become the family's principal pottery maker. With its classical lines and elegant earth-tone detail work, this would make an excellent accent piece for just about any room in your home or office.

Born of a tradition stretching back to before the Spanish conquest, burnished "canelo" pottery is one of the oldest styles of pottery still in active production in Mexico. In a highly-labor intensive process, each object is first polished with the mineral pyrite, decorated with natural earth-based paints, and then fired at a low temperature. An object of this size would have been used well into the twentieth century to store water. A testament to the long history of its production, examples of this pottery may be found in paintings from the European Renaissance

This "jarra" measures 17" in height and approximately 7" in diameter at its widest point. It weighs just under 5 lbs. Like all Pajarito burnished pottery, this "jarra" is made with lead-free paints and glazes. It is signed—and dated—by the artisan.

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